Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Retrieve MX DNS record using erlang inet_res, it's easy !

Ever needed to retrieve some MX servers from any big domains out there ?

I'm pretty sure that you've asked yourself this question, right ?

It's EasyErl here, so let's go to the code directly:

get_mx(Domain) ->
{ok, {hostent, Domain, _, _, _Len, List}} = inet_res:getbyname(Domain, mx),

Woh ! This wasn't too much difficult !

Okay, inet_res:getbyname isn't really well documented that's right, but Erlang comes with its source code, what's a better Erlang documentation than Erlang himself ?

The next time, I'll show you how you can easily sort the List by using unzip to obtain a correct list of MX servers... (where servers weight are correctly used)

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