Sunday, November 18, 2007

Treregex-0.7 download now

You can download the treregex-0.7 from here.

To test it you need to install the libtre library, normally you can do this by using apt-get:

-apt-cache search libtre
libtre-dev - development package for the libtre4 regexp matching library
libtre4 - regexp matching library with approximate matching

Install the libtre4 and libtre-dev, and then try to ./configure the treregex. You may need to edit Makefile adjusting path for your needs...

And as usual, feedback is welcome :p

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Turing Test said...

I made the Haskell interface to libtre. In testing (with QuickCheck), I found that libtre had many bugs, some serious, in what it matched.

One of my mailing list posts with some of the bugs is at

Unless and until libtre is fixed, you should include an unavoidable warning to users of your Treregex package.