Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blogger API, posting a message (with tags)

Here's some code from the current version:

Data = entry_new("Test no1", {"tonio", ""}, <<"TestContent">>, ["erlang", "test"]),
request(Auth, iolist_to_binary(Data)).
  • The Title,
  • The author, a tuple with authorName and authorEmail
  • A binary holding the content of the post
  • A list of tags
I think I'm on the right track...
More news later...

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scdef said...

Just thought I'd point out that your blog has been featured on Planet Trapexit for some time:

Would you be interested in compiling your blogger-posts as an article in our wiki? Also, a lot of your previous posts would fit well into the Erlang Cookbook:

Keep up the good work :)