Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blogger_srv.erl version 0.1 is here !

Here's the link to find the 'blogger_srv' you're waiting for: blogger_srv.erl.

This is the first version of the code, I think I'll add other features later:
  • auto reauth whenever the authtoken gets invalid
  • add some support for posting binary data, like images..
  • replace those antislashed double quotes by simple quotes ;)
For the time now, the code works, and all you need to do is starting the server:

Call the 'auth' fun to obtain a valid 'AuthToken':
blogger_srv:auth("youremail@gmail.com", "yourpass").

Finally call the 'new/4' or 'new/5' fun to post a message:
blogger_srv:new(yourBlogId, Title, [Tags], <<Content>>).
blogger_srv:new(yourBlogId, Title, [Tags], <<Content>>, AuthorName, AuthorEmail).

When the post is successfull, 'new/4' or 'new/5' will returns:
{ok, NewPostId}

That's all for now !

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