Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picasa API for erlang, within the googerl project...

I'm working on the Picasa module for googerl, and was unable to get something else than:

Token Invalid

While scouting my network traffic to really see what I sent:

POST /data/feed/api/user/XXXXXXX/album/blog HTTP/1.1.
content-type: image/jpeg.
content-length: 24425.
te: .
host: picasaweb.google.com.
authorization: GoogleLogin auth=DQAAAIAAAAA5xws0PFfzZEzJ9JsboXhEtKXCdV06ZobagrB61zPWy9lU4j9dOQEK247yR8aQMS83mr3AmPPjkGLTnk3aGUjWsaYmUjmyw20gWrgrZUMcLijbRJUyg5J_t1x45qbglqn7Z07NtIHXudh8GpmnWkTE9T-sghc7AokEiDMzOFmGRg.
connection: keep-alive.
slug: test-v.jpg.

I realize that my post was correct !
So why this error ?

The answer is in the Picasa Documentation, and it's hard to find but here it is:

Include the relevant parameters in the body of the POST request, as described in the ClientLogin documentation. Use lh2 as the service name.
(extracted from http://code.google.com/apis/picasaweb/gdata.html#Add_Album_Manual_Installed)
I must retrieve a token for the 'lh2' service ! The one I've sent was for the 'blogger' service.

So there's a problem with my current implementation, since my 'google.erl' module is only storing one AuthToken... I'll have to fix this, I'll use a list of AuthToken tuple:

[ {picasa, "authtoken"}, {blogger, "authtoken"} ]

So the code will be heavily modified, and for the time being doesn't work anymore :p
I'll come back soon with good news for everyone !

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